ELF Fuel and Lubs for competition :

More than 50 years of excellence to serve victory.

  • Auto : Rally, Track & Historic

  • Moto : Track & Cross

  • Kart

  • Motorboating

ELF is present in competition since 1967.

Our Fuel and Lubs competition products fulfills the requirement number one : PERFORMANCE.

To measure up to the specific demands that high level competition requires, our team of engineers and technicians develop Fuel and Lubs on demand.

The ELF competition products are a reference in the motor sport world.

With the numerus success taken under our colours by our users, the ELF competition products are synonymous of high level performance.

Our services :

Le Team FJ group is the exclusive distributor of the ELF competition products in France.

ELF Competition is in constant evolution to always bring you more services. We can deliver our products at home or on track: order here.

The activity is operated since the 09 July 2012 by Team FJ, belonging to Team FJ group and localised at Saint-Denis-sur-Loire in France.

For more informations, go on our website : elfcompetition.com 

Contact us on info@elfcompetition.com or by phone at the +33(0)